on Privoz

- Can you tell me how much meat

- Why not say we did quarrel?

Odessa. "Bringing".

For vendors selling a bird, two buyers approach.


- How much is your chicken?


- Ten rubles.

The first - the second:

- Abraham, he asks eight. Give him six?

The second - the first:

- Give him four and take delivery of two rubles.

The first - the seller:

- On you ruble and come here a dead chicken.

Odessa. Beach. The little boy was crawling on all fours on the sand and crawls to the litter on which sits an elderly stout from Odessa.

She hangs on his chest a massive gold chain.

The little boy saw the bright golden toy, pulls her pen.

Odesa (indignantly):

- Someday, he will do the same on the mene raid!