- Zalman, you are able to determine the cardinal points on the trees?

- And then to be able to sho? Tree - north, palm - South!


Shmulik comes to the rabbi and says he wants to divorce his wife. The rabbi begins to dissuade from this case:

- Shmulik, why do you want a divorce? You would be the worse!

- No, I will be better.

Talk like that continues for a long time, finally the rabbi does not stand up and say:

- Look, Shmulik, your wife is such a smart, beautiful, everyone knows her virtue. About a wife any dreams. Why do you want to throw it?

Shmulik silently removes shoes and puts it on the table in front of a rabbi.

- What do I stick your shoes?

- Rabbi, look at him.

- Why do I need to look at the shoes? At what is he here?

- Rabbi, it is wonderful shoes. Everyone can see how beautiful she is, everyone wants to have the shoe. But only I know how this shakes me bastard!