Published in the bugtracker. I will repeat here.

01. Video, Audio add the ability to sample categories.

02. Per privacy settings in Audio, Video, Photo. The album descriptions audio description photo album - before the text descriptions, if Private album, the Show icon (as when adding a record to tape) or a man or woman, and when you hover the prompts that this album is only available for the M / F. Actually, to do private albums Audio, Video, Video Training (show icon here before describing as where the author and the cycle), photo.

03. While making the home page - where you do not know what needs to be inviting friends VIA EMAIL button in social network!


1. The title of the album vyvdit description. Font taky same as in the "Author and name of the cycle" in the training materials.

2. When viewing a display of albums on standard font description entitled.

3. It is impossible to delete a photo, move it to another album.

4. Comments while viewing photos - very much in demand!

Video tutorials:

5. Instructional Video - Add video CATEGORIES

6. Instead of "CREATE" add blue button with the text "Create cycle"

7. Does not work Sort by: Author movie.

8. incorrectly displays the number of videos in the series - reports that seven of them, and shows only 4. - here -


9. Instead CREATE write an album instead of the album - MY ALBUMS instead write PLAYLISTS My Playlists.

10. Nowhere to produce a description of the album, although it is. Output description in small print at the open audiolbome called. Font as in step (1).

11. Similarly - correctly counts the number of audio recordings. He writes that I have them on the album as much as 8, and they are only 3!

12. Tooltips do not. Style I showed you. Can I make a style!

13. When creating an album does not have the opportunity to add its cover.

14. Window for adding record - Clip to do in the middle of the window. When you hover - let or darker the color, or blue. When you select a file and uploading the clip to hide.

15. Ibid - incorrectly displays the percentage of the download record.

16. It is not possible at boot time to change the name of the audio file loaded.

17. OK button, which is the right of the album selection (boot) removed and do the left click 'Save Changes "- a standard, blue button

18. After saving appears at the bottom left notification of the successful preservation of audio files. And you want to display directly in the download information, all saved.

19. Sort the order of audio while viewing album is not implemented.

20. For some reason, in the open half of the audio album PLAY icon gray and half black (all right - black)

21. Implement playlists (or hide)


22. In all windows, except for adding news NETU crosses to close the window.


23. Report user can not fit in a row when the user - not a friend !!!

24. When viewing a library other - Audio - The created has a button that you want to hide. This button can create audio album. However, the album is created in MY Mediatheque !. Hide button.

25. It is possible to come up with something Tipo STATUS - under the name of your profile name below to add a line with the status. I would have written - "If you have suggestions for design - write to me," Well, for example, even so.

26. If you add them to friends - the text of the "Proposal for a user friendly," replaced by "Send friend request user Timofey Sharamchevskiy".


27. Personally, I have - three friends and circles - chehorda happening. If you remove all the friends circle, then he writes that same circle is at least one person is already in everyone.


28. If there is no result, at the bottom left displays the notification that "the more there is no match," but should display the search box!


29. If you write a lot of text in the record, the text is cut off on the "..."

You need to add or immediately after the text - Read more with reference to the very "modal window that opens all, or display the entire text without opening more Here, too, a moot point.!