By Deribasovskoy where Rishelyevska angle,

Affectations young ladies floating gait secular.

Under the choir singing the sun drops

That visited Odessa in the month of April.

There's a poor beggar by the wall warmed warm.

Before him lies knapsack of canvas faded,

In his hand rump, two garlic cloves.

He is sitting on a crate of vodka-Monopolka.

But the path of the Almighty is not knowing, not visible.

And pedestrians, they are not looking past.

But boy was carrying in his hand a newspaper,

I slowed down and handed him a coin.

Hey, wait a minute! How is it darling?

You just gave me a dime a circle!

I did not understand your manner of this new.

What happened to you? Before you put a ruble.

All this beggar says irritably.

He stopped next to a young man unwittingly.

He coughed as if aching,

And so he says, blushing slightly.

- You know, I recently got married

And the rooms on Arnaut settled.

I care about the food itself, the clothes

And the money you I can not give as before.

- Well, here's another! - he said in response to a beggar -

See people! Let the Creator of all will collect from him!

Marry you! And to me that the punishment?

And what do you, I must take the content?

Who is right of these two, and who would like to blame

Do not judge me, I will say here, I do not wordy.

To be merciful, and here I brief,

Multiply your income, you and prosperity.