!!!! .... The Arab went into a crowded bar and was about to order a coffee, when suddenly he saw a Jew in a yarmulke and prayer shawl, with sidelocks. Arab shouted the bartender, so that everyone has heard that he is buying a glass to everyone except this Jew.

After all the drinks were rozlity Jew suddenly grinned Arab and said: "Thank you!" In the same thunderous golosom.Eto led Arab furious. He once again loudly ordered drinks for

all but a Jew. But as before, it does not hurt, he again smiled Arab and shouted, "Thank you!" Then the Arab asked the bartender: "What the hell is wrong with this Jew I ordered two

round of drinks to everyone but him, and he smiles and thanks. Is he crazy "..." No? ", - said the bartender -." He - the owner of the bar ".... !!!!!