MORE ON SUKKOTH and Shemini Atzeret, part 1

(Comment on Sulyam Weekly VEZOT Abraham, reading on the fifth day).


Introductory Note: the stages have many different names and it should not confuse us.


And the fifteenth day of the seventh month Hashem spreads its wings over the Jews to rejoice with them. Therefore it is written, and will take his first day the fruit of the tree hadar.

This fruit hints at the level of Malchut, as removed from the fruit trees - that is, Malchut stage. Written: The beauty and greatness before him.

This shows that hadar - Yesod is the stage, and because tree hadar - the name of the Sefirot Yesod. A fruit tree hadar this stage Malchut that receives light from the Sefira Yesod, called hadar.

The question is why Yesod is called hadar - Beauty? It's a place that symbolizes the Sefira Yesod ( "sexual organs"), it is bound to be hidden - always. A word hadar - Beauty indicates something that openly visible. Answer: Despite the fact that this stage is hidden, it is the beauty and grandeur of the body. And only in this stage of body decoration. Why? Because it is impossible to be a complete human being without this step (to be with a woman to conceive a child - that is, men's commandment), and no voice in speech (voice beauty leaves him), and he does not have a beard. And besides, in this place to be circumcised - a sign of union with the Creator. And yet - Yesod is the link that transmits light to Malchut.

So, despite the fact that this stage is hidden, yet all the beauty of the body depends on it. It is hidden, but revealed in the body greatness.

And therefore this tree is called a tree or tree hAdar glory, because the whole beauty of the body depends on it. And on this tree grow fruits and Malchut is called fruit trees.

Kapat TMAR (palm branches) is the name of the Sefira Yesod (Tzadik, Righteous - the other name of this Sefirot). As it is written: the righteous - like blooming palm.

Here woman becomes one with her husband - without separation, for it is written: palm branches, and not "And palm branches."

That is, the letter Vav (in Russian Union and) does not make the separation between the fruit of the tree is beautiful and a palm branch (steps Yesod and Malchut), and this indicates that they are bound together - Yesod and Malchut together.

Adas - one of the four fruit. Leaves it three in a row, that is, three lines (Hesed, Gevurah, Tiferet). One - on the right, the second - on the left, and the third, the chief over them - in the middle of the middle line in the spiritual work that unites the right and left.

The third river is the fruit of Aravot. Two of them, and this stage NH hOd. They have no smell and taste, and they are similar to the steps, referred to as the Hips.

Finally Lulav - unopened palm branch with leaves. It also Sefira Yesod. It takes the Light at all levels and includes it, for transmission to the Malchut.

Lula on halacha should be at least tefachim (fist) above the rest of the plant to complete and all output stages and use them worthy way.

# Explanation of this fragment:

Sephira Yesod rises through the "backbone", and outputs "a drop of semen" of the brain, "Daath" that in the "head". We are here only for the spiritual parts of the body. And it symbolizes the lulav, which rises and goes to tefachim (fist) is higher than the ADAS and Aravot - HGT, Netzach, Hod. A tefachim Da'ath stage indicates a head, which reaches lulav - Jesod.

(See the terms above: ADAS, aravot Lula, ets hadar, hadar, when ets hadar).

# (Optional) Comment Chapter Waihi, With regards to Etz hadar. Holy Zohar explains here: etrog - what is it? The fruit of the beautiful tree, At - a fruit, Etz - tree hadar - beautiful.

When Etz hadar - it Well Isaac Sefira Malchut, called Beer (The Well), as she receives the Light of Hochma (purpose of creation) from the left line, ZA, called Isaac. The Torah says that Isaac dug wells, and it is an indication that Isaac - stage left line. However, what is left line in this case? Is Yitzhak working on vessels desire to receive for myself No! In prayer on Rosh Hashanah and Yom aKipurim we find courage in your right hand. Gevurah (Courage) is a left line to Thy (ie, the Creator), the "Hand". It comes from the right line. In what sense? Sephira HG in ZA-ZA, in her words are Depart from bad (litter E pa). This position, when a person, overcoming yourself, do not raise your eyes to the indiscreet, refuses to have nekashernoe, built on the blood vessels desire to give rather than receive.

Step Isaac - a vessel desire to give, but it also laid the root of the desire to receive the Vasa. After all, he renunciation of sin shows that sin exists.

It is therefore considered that the Malchut is built from the left line of Isaac. Isaac digs wells, and this "Beer", which receives the Light of Hochma from the left line deZeir-ZA, that is, there comes light from Isaac. Light of Hochma, whose root in Isaac, arrives in Malchut, and it completes the construction of vessels of desire to receive.

Isaac his actions decorates world Hashem, so he called Etz hAdar - beautiful tree. And if Isaac - it Etz hAdar, its fruit, that it engenders and nourishes, called the fruit of the beautiful tree. Therefore Malchut and etrog, which symbolizes her, called the fruit of the beautiful tree.

A "palm branches" is the lulav. It said: The righteous as a palm tree blooming. Therefore, branches of palm trees - a symbol of the Sefira Yesod.

And the one who is working on correcting a Sefira Yesod, protecting the circumcision he is righteous. It was he who unites Yesod and Malchut, lulav and etrog so that between the steps Yesod and Nukva (Malchut) there is no separation. It does not say "under EC hadar vekapot TMAR," but said "at EC hadar - etrog, hood TMAR - lulav Why not say." Ve ", ie unions and to show that they are one, and not two separate stages?. It can not be one without the other, they are always together -. etrog and lulav.

(to be continued)