(Based on Articles Rabbani Ashlag)

Spiritual growth and advancement is not possible, unless they are based on the agony. And preliminary suffering is a necessary condition for spiritual advancement.

Work is such action, on which a person is willing to give up, but he does them because he has no choice but to get a result.

The result (reward card, etc.) is that to which man aspires. And all the aspirations and desires of its focus to it. And now longing - this is when the desired penetrated into the heart so that the person says to himself: "If there is my opportunity to achieve this, the kind of life I prefer death."

Therefore, if a person does not feel the torment and pain due to the absence of what is committed, the desire is not yet a craving. And only measure suffering from lack of sensation desired, its magnitude is determined aspiration.

It follows that if a person wants to get any enjoyment, he must first feel the lack of it, for there is no pleasure without desire to receive it. And it is impossible to fill himself nothing, if you do not feel the lack of it.

The same is true in the spiritual. It is impossible to desire of the Creator, without suffering from its lack of. Therefore, it and "resets" the Creator of man down, distancing itself from. To man the Creator willed.

But it is also impossible to desire what you have no representation. Therefore, we first give a little try. Let's say Adam, the Creator has placed in Gan Eden, and then dropped out. Or Jews showed disclosure Sinai, and then dropped them conducted through Sin Taurus.

Ivrim groaned in Egypt and cried out to the Creator, when the king of Egypt died.

The king of Egypt - is selfishness. Died - means lost its significance for humans, because the loss of its importance, is equivalent to the death of the ego. And then ivrim * cried the feeling of a lack of the Creator, from the lack of duhovenoy work. And pray to the Creator of the filling.

And he remembered the Creator of Israel - to be understood "the man recalled the existence of the Creator" (revealed when a man truly altruistic desires, and the rest of his work takes place respectively desires of the Creator - the property of "Israel" in man). And God heard their prayer - in the Torah dominated by causal relationships, not space-time. "And I heard the prayer" could stand in front of "and remembered." But do not, because at first reveals a desire for the spiritual, and then it becomes an ultimatum (without filling that life is not sweet). This is called "and heard the (true) prayer."


* Processes described above all is what happens inside every human being.