THINGS Egyptians

(Based papers Rabbani Ashlag)

It is written in the Torah: (And say Gd Moshe) Tell me, please, in the ears of the people, to jewels, every man his neighbor, and each her neighbor, articles of silver and gold. And the Creator gave the people favor in the eyes of the Egyptians ... "- etc. (The Book of Exodus, chapter Bo, 11: 2,3).

Further, in the Torah, we learn that ivrim came from Egypt with the "greatest asset". Mekubalim taught that this concerns the sparks of holiness that were removed from the "captivity" Qliphoth (Sewage, selfish desires) after there were, after breaking of the vessels. From here we will begin to disassemble this piece.

1. Items of gold and silver items. Under the things we have in mind Kelim (vessels - ie Desire to Kabbalah language). Gold - "zahav" in Hebrew, which alludes to "ze av" - "the father." This sparks of holiness, pure desires. Silver - "Kesef" in Hebrew, which Specifies the target on the "Kissufim" - passion, which are understood as the uncleanness selfishness. As a result, breaking of the vessels, clean and unclean mixed. It is necessary that there was a need "birurim" - work on the separation of the pure from the impure. This deprivation of vitality uncleanness, because without light there is no existence.

2. Each and every - an indication of the levels of men and women. This does not apply to the floor, but points to the different stages - on the role of the Giver and Recipient. As Preparation and recoil can be selfish - i.e. to yourself. In other words, Birurim made at all levels *.

3. borrow of her neighbor. Who called Middle Man? His selfishness. He is close to us, because we are born with the egoistic nature.

4. Why "beg borrow" from egoism, and then "throw" it? The fact that it was originally Selfishness gives us the strength to observe Torah and Mitzvot. He urges us to keep counting on the spiritual reward for the pleasure of much more powerful than material goods. However, and material goods in exchange for the Torah and the commandments, our ego, we promise!

Initially, we can not do anything without calculation to get the result, which will pay for our efforts, our exit from dormancy. Therefore, if you do not take the power from the ego - we can not observe the Torah, which is contrary to the logic of the material.

But the ego is necessary to "throw". Taking his hand at the debt, not to return to him that it expects to receive (self-delight). Ie fulfilling the Torah, to realize what we are doing - in order to clear the intention "for oneself". **

And the only way to get out of the "Egyptian" - out of selfish power.

Summarize. To find the Creator Light, we must have the desire to (it is the same vessel in the language of Kabbalah). Because the Creator wants to bestow upon the creation of the maximum - then we need the "large" vessel, the strongest desire. Just to total desire to receive for oneself, which dictates to us our "nature from birth." We need to take this great desire for "Egypt," and clean "vector". That is "out of Egypt with great heritage."


* And other times the Torah tells us about it when he tells how ivrim wanted to go into the desert to worship the Creator, "all staff" - men, women, children, animals. And all this hints at different levels within the person. And Pharaoh (ego) opposed to it.

** From selfish to unselfish compliance come (s le Lishma, Lishma Baimov) does not "automatically". And only when aware of their shortcomings, and want to come to correction. But the one who engages in the Torah to become a "great Rabbi" or get rich - would be better for him not to be born!