Of the works of Ashlag Rabbani. At the head of Beshalach.

A spark of the Upper Light of the Creator placed for people in high esteem, money, sex, and other objects and phenomena of the material world. Spiritual pleasure is hidden from us. For example, you can not tell a person - "lay tefillin and feel indescribable pleasure."

And it hides the Creator, the spiritual pleasures of us created them special to being free, not enslaved attracting pleasure, we have created a right to this great pleasures desire, and only then they open us gradually as our ability to objectively and independently of them treat and take them as we please, without being completely in their power over us.

We see that if we enjoy more than a certain value, then we completely submit to him lose his head completely dependent on him and already it through our nature dictates behavior. The man sold the money, desire for power, honor, fame, his love for children, hunger, big love.

For each, in different periods of his life, a spark of the higher pleasures dressed in some, other, changing apparel, to which we are committed and because we wish to acquire them. The only difference between us in different periods of our lives, and between all the people only, unlike appearances attracting all of us enjoying a spark of light.

If a person changes the appearances of pleasure in the accepted manner, we believe that it is developing well, if time does not change the outward forms of attire sparks of light, we call it underdevelopment.

The highest form of pleasure - the spiritual, because the man is completely free from the craving for a spark of light in the name of liberation from the power of him pleasure and attains the feeling it in the clear, the feeling of the Creator, without dressing sparks, small doses of spiritual pleasure in the objects of our world.

(The believers are taught to children, it is worth to lay tefillin, but you will not feel pleasure directly from that clothed him, and you can, as it were myself choose pleasure, reward for performance of thee, the Torah and the Commandments, what you wish from the pleasures of this world - health, success, longevity and so on. or you will receive a reward, and also in the future world. The ego does not like to give other commands to perform, without hope of reward for themselves)