Existence in sensation

Obktivno for us there is only what is present in our sensations. The rest is not for us to know we can not about it and we just have to believe.

But in order to feel anything, you need to have the relevant authority. To see need eyes. To hear - the ears. And so dalee.Chtoby feel the spirituality, the soul needs.

But as long as it does not exist (ie, until there are only its embryo, called a point in the heart - Nowhere neck-Balewa), no spirituality, we do not feel and can not feel *. What we are left with in this case? Two options.

1. Correct.

Learn the theory believe that spirituality is achievable through the development point in the heart in a full-fledged Soul. Learn the theory, in order to know what to strive for.

2. Wrong.

Indulge in illusions. There's a very wide relative frequency in pole.- imagine that spirituality is contained in what is culture, art **, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. On the contrary, the desire for self-realization and knowledge, is the most powerful, highest selfish desires. We can see how much scum - egoists there among artists and nauki.- think you can fall in love with all other creations, before becoming fully corrected. But this is impossible, because he is not yet cleared, you do not see the pure roots of others. This means there are no common qualities. But if there is no community property, then there is the difference between them. And it always means estrangement and hatred in one degree or another. Catch up on the same properties with the other, without purification *** yourself, means to fall to the level of various rogues, perverts, idolaters and others like them ****.


* When executed Bowl effort, and the right time will come, called Spiritual 13 years (it does not depend on physical age), then wakes up point in the heart and begins the "war started" in man. Before this, there is no war, because the egoism of danger. And it is on a private level. And at the level of the World - 13 Years of Spiritual is fulfilled when the 6000 "s" accumulation of egoism. This process can take any number of physical years.

** Strictly speaking, all art is divided into 3 categories: idolatry, pornography and liturgy. The latter (say the singing of the Levites) so rare that we can say that all modern art is pornography with idolatry.

*** but even worse to try to correct the other, do not fix itself. Simply mix their vices with strangers.

**** For example: here you want to love muzhelozhtsev - that he'll be so? No, but if worthy to fix, you will be able to differentiate amongst them clean the root without layers, scored during the descent into this world. But if suddenly sent you fall, you know that it's not because you are bad or sinned. And because the Creator is now "it expels you from the palace" in order to create your volume of remedial work.