(Based on the lessons of Rabbi Gottlieb)

******* A Lesson from the book of Zohar, the head of the Vayera.

Blessing on certain types of food, we say - "Chez Akol niye Baie dvaro", "everything will be according to his." Creator does not require separation of "thought", "word" and "action." For Him all edinomomentno and connected.

Man "crown of creation", created in the "image and likeness of the Creator" is called Medaber - Talking. Also Medaber this designation of higher spiritual level necessary to obtain light of the purpose of Creation in peeled for that vessel (optional). If you want, it is degeneration of the "higher primates, able to speak" in Man with a capital letter.

Spiritual levels indicated by the word Dibur (speech), but not word Meuse (action). Why is that? The image of the connection (mated) Partzufim ZA and Nukva of the world fixes and divinity Atsilyut. That is a correct spiritual design and human physiology, it is not directly related. At the same time, speech-Dibur also represents the Zivug of ZA and Nukva because in the speech involves 5 components - the tongue, lips, teeth, palate and throat. Five - respectively five Behinot Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA and Nukva-Malchut.

******* Why the patient should pray and go to the doctor?

All that is the individual - the Creator, clothed in "pictures" of the world. Doctor - it is one of the vestments of the Creator. Therefore, we must go to the doctor when you're sick. Pray and go, but not limited to prayer.

******* From the lesson on the theme of preparation for the Passover.

Cleaning the house hints at the internal "cleaning" that person has to do in itself. Both (intensity) depends on the faith / trust in the Creator. If we believe that all that He commanded us, is directed to our benefit - it cleans thoroughly (as commanded) here and there.