FACE and buttocks

Partzuf as "spiritual object" is divided into two parts:

- Galgalta veEynaim (skull and eyes), consisting of 3 higher Sefiros - Keter Chochmah, Bean. Other names for this part - Panim (Person) and Pnimit (Interior);

- AXA "P (Osen, Hotem, Bae - ear, forehead, mouth) or Achoraim (buttocks) - the outer part (Hitsoni) containing 7 Sefiros lower.

The source of such division - Tzimtzum Bet (second reduction), Wake up Malchut to Bina ( "dilution" Mercy Ships is told - Creator wanted to create the world Court of categories, but saw that the world will not stand).

We all live in a "dual world" under Tzimtzum Bet (second cut), so this division concerns us directly. Spiritual - Person Income - Buttocks. Sages - Person amaretsy (ignorant) - Buttocks. Israel - Panim peoples - Achoraim. And so in all.

Life under the second cut is called Katnut (small condition or Jacob) because we use only part of the vessel.

This division has a special meaning and tikkun (rectification)

- as the Supreme buttocks lowered ups lowest - light is not directly, but like "zigzag". This makes it possible to engage the Supreme buttocks correction - that is dedication, broadcast lower light;

- correction means Gadlyut situation (large estates or Israel / Yashar El - "directly to God"), when you can already enjoy all the vessels. This process is characterized by raised buttocks in his place - ie "Under the" Facing his degree. At the same time the top "pulls" face lower (soaked highest quality) and so on up the chain. This is the very "Israel bears the Light of the World".

If not corrected, and can not be held - it is (! And only this) is anti-Semitism. After all, "all the trouble and all the good things of the world are dependent because of Israel."