MORE ON SUKKOTH and Shemini Atzeret, part of the 2nd

(Comment on Sulyam Weekly VEZOT Abraham, reading on the fifth day).


And the bottom Well, Malchut, is filled from the top of the Well water - Bina. A step between - ZA-ZA - powered by Bina and transmits light Malchut stage.

Here's how: first, Yesod is filled by Tifferet, Tifferet - from Bina, and from him, Yesod, is becoming well (the Sefira Malchut) and becomes the source from which the lower feed.

The person must be represented by Gd these plants corresponding 7-Lower Sefiros - HGT, NH, Od, Jesod Malchut.

They point to the stage, combining with the name of Gd. And this is the reason that we are commanded to perform actions by these four types of plants, since it is necessary to awaken the step down in accordance with the steps above. It is known that there is something at the bottom without a root at the top, and vice versa: all that is at the top, is reflected at the bottom, because the worlds are imprinted in each other, and the roots - at the top.

The roots of these four plant species - stage HGT, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut - in the world of Atzilut. And with them the Jews should be united in front of the Almighty secret Faith.

Written by: Sukkot will sit for seven days. This is the secret of the Faith - Malchut. This secret she gets all their Mochin ( "brains" -.. One of the stages of the world's light-filled Atsilyut And the whole "technology" called Fix the three lines it serves to not repeated breaking of the vessels). Written suggests the higher world.

When beginning Funny (Aba veIma Elyon - Senior father and mother) to go from a place unknown and invisible (called Rosh de leIteda -. Unknowable Head And it is the "head" of the Partzuf Arich Anpin (head refers to a step calculation of the potential receipt of light, not for ourselves A. de AA is the second Partzuf Keter Atsilyut the world, along with Yomin Atik (Ancient of Days). Only de AA refers to the second cut), then went one Masach (screen, ie the power to overcome the desire to receive for its own sake) and mated deAkaa, "collision", forming a return light Corrections (ha Adim), which is the garment for Ohr Hochma (Light Objectives).

A Funny highest was in a blaze, and spread in all directions, the secret of higher Mishkan YESHSUT "T (Yisrael Sava uTvuna) is called Bina.

Ima ( "mother"), and the highest mishkan made six steps ZA. And then the rush of Radiance Masach, and it was said: sit seven days in Sukkot.

Why is the word Sukkot is written without the letter Vav? This is the lower of the Mishkan - Malchut. He is like Achache, from which shine all the stages of Light. And then the sounds Radiance masah: Sukkot sit seven days. What is the seventh day?

This is the highest Light of the World (Bina), attracted by the lower world - Malchut. Seven days (HGT, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut deBina) made to cover the Sukkah. What kind of a Sukkah?

This incident Sukkah of David, Sukkah of Peace - Malchut. And holy people to sit under the shade of her, according to the secret of the Faith - Malchut. And each fulfilling this commandment, "resides" in the upper Days Bina. And in one place Sukkot is written in full, with the letter Vav. Why? To show that the one who sits in the shadow of the Masach, is located in the upper Days: HGT, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut relating to Bina. And it applies to the influence of these seven Sefirot Bina steps that are above the bottom Sefira Malchut to shine to her, protect (cover) it on the partition (for the sake of getting yourself).

And skhah (covering Sukkah) Bina is attracted to her, to protect her when she needs it.

And it found that skhah skhah Bina and ZA are called Sukkot, and in this case, the word is written in full (with two Vav) and plural (in the translation of a tent).

And when the word is written without Vav, it implies Malchut stage, which should feed the rest of the peoples of the angels in the seven holy days. And this is the secret of seventy bulls, whom they sacrificed seven days of Sukkot, when the Light in Malchut level decreases. And awakens in her Mochin deSmol (Achoraim - "buttocks", the outer stage), which receives light from the seventy nations of the world of angels. As we learned earlier, the peoples of the world refers to the outside stage.

And Malchut gets pleasure with her husband (ZA) from Mohin dePanim (internal steps). So it is necessary that there are no charges at this time of joy, and she gives the opportunity to enjoy this "food".

They (ie the nations of the world), sacrifice (in the Jewish Temple) is greater than at any other time, so that doing them, did not intervene and did not interfere with the joy of the Jews. And it is just as necessary as the need to give them a share of the sacrificial goat on Rosh Chodesh as to give them the scapegoat on Yom aKipurim.

And because the angels of other people eating at the time of Malchut, her light is reduced, and in this state the name of Malchut - Sukkah, written without Vav. And the joy of the Jews - Shemini leAtseret.

(Comment from Chapter Tetsave): Jews are sent into the desert to Azazel goat to give a share of evil spirits, and that it was something to do. After all, until I finally corrected, it is necessary to give handouts selfishness, so as not to be in the "spiritual vacuum" when there is no selfishness or altruism, and nothing human desire. And who is he without desire? Vegetable or dead. Why do you need two goats: one as a victim of the Almighty, and the second - evil spirits? And explain why you need to send a kid of evil spirits, but the Almighty, why?

See, at a time when the angels of other nations "have fun and eat" the food that the Jews prepared for them (seventy bulls), the Jews establish a throne to the Almighty, that is decorated with Malchut to become the throne of the Almighty. They raised her, waving the four species of plants, reciting Hallel, the very joy of celebration and festive detour around the altar. Malchut rises and gets blpgosloveniya and joy from her husband - ZA.

And the rest hayot (seventy angels of other nations) "eat and chew carefully, and half-eaten - trample with their feet" and be satisfied seventy bulls.

But Malchut stage takes nefashot (the lower level of the soul), and raises them to the highest enjoyment, to ZA. With all these blessings, and holiness, and all the pleasures, attracted committed actions, it comes down to these seven days, to get closer to his sons (the lower, the righteous who are in the lower worlds) and entertained them one day.

This is the eighth day. This is the meaning of his name - Atzeret (collection, bunch, stop), as in the eighth day they gathered strength all seven days. And that is why it is called Shemini Atzeret (the eighth gathering, binding).

After all, it does not happen without the seven-eighth day, and because his name consists of two words. Eighth, as occurs after seven days, and the Assembly, as it includes all the seven days of Sukkot.