Scales and fins

(Based on the book Shamati)

As we know from the Halacha, the fish has two features kosher - scales and fins.

Sages said that if there is scale, that is, and fins, but if there are fins, remains to be seen whether the scales have.

Scales (kaskeset) - an allusion to "kushiya" (difficult questions). And the word "kushiya" (questions) from the word "Cauchy", severity, which occurs in the "sake of the Creator." That is, the scales (kaskeset) - a vessel / Questions, in which a light / answers because the answers of this kind are felt not the outer mind and inner. (In the book preface Baal Azul wrote that it "questions of the soul", do not leave a man as long as he will not find the answer).

Therefore, the more a person has problems (vessels), the greater the Supreme Light, he can attract. Therefore kaskeset is a sign of purity correction. For only having issues and overcoming difficulties, people can come to, to purify themselves from selfish desires. Because he wants to get rid of problems, not ostavlyayushih him alone.

Snapir (fin) is also a feature of kosher. At first glance, this is weird, because the word Snapir consonant "Sone pe op" (who hates the Upper Light). But the explanation is as follows: if a person has any questions, it is because there is in him the hatred of the Supreme Light. That is, if there is a scale, then certainly there is a fin. But if he has a hatred of the Light, it is not necessary that he had questions (we know that many people do not take my head thoughts about the spiritual). After all, maybe he hates the Upper Light not because it overcome the difficult questions, but because it tends to pleasure, and thinks that in any case he did not get his fix and elevation. So if there is a fin, it was not necessarily to scale.

Therefore, it features a clean container and snapir kaskeset together. When a man can have fish ( "dag" - from the word "daaga" concern, anxiety). After all, fish - is meat, dressed in flippers (snapir) and scales (kaskeset) - that is to say (in a spiritual sense) Highest Light shines in these two signs of purity. But if a person seems to be making efforts learns but does not appear in it issues against work "for the sake of the Creator", then there is no sign of purity and improvement. Because signs of cleansing it in the first place against the spiritual questions.

And if there are no questions, there is no Vessels and nowhere to fit the highest light.

What is important is an example from the Torah. Pharaoh king of Egypt, wishing to leave the children of Israel in his power, ordered that did not give them the straw (cereals - ie difficulty), from which they made bricks (as it is written and send people to collect straw ...). Indeed, in this case, will never have a human need, the Creator brought him out of the unclean state of correction.