QUEEN Saturday

(Proceedings of Baal aSulyama)

Six weekdays of the week belong to the stage ZA (Small Face - six Sefirot: Hesed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzach, hOd, Yesod - Mercy, Austerity, Splendor, eternity, greatness, based on (1)). And this stage of preparation (the Sabbath), hereinafter referred It'orerut miLemata - awakening from below. Therefore, it commanded the operation on weekdays, as it says, "Six days do your work."

Shabbat also applies to level Sefira Malchut (Kingdom) and this vessel and the purpose of the whole preparation. Shabat decrypted by the first letter Shin consisting of three letters Vav (Gematria 6) converging to a point. It alludes to the spiritual work in three lines (2) six days, which leads to the vessel of the Sabbath - that is, which can receive light Creator (3). Shabbat is It'orerut miLemala - Awakening from Above, because although we are obliged to make an effort, the final "word" is up to the Creator (4). Therefore, the Sabbath is forbidden work.

Two kinds of Shabbat.

There are two kinds of Shabbat. Shabat Genesis (Primal Saturday) and Shabat Shesh Alfei Shnot (Saturday six thousand years). As stated in the Torah, in chapter Ki Tisa (31:17) - "have veYom aShvii Shavat uYinafash" - and on the seventh day stopped (Gd) work and at rest. Stopped working (Shavat) refers to the original Sabbath, when there is nothing to add to the work done. At rest (Yinafash) means a break from work to rest, before continuing. This Saturday the six thousand years in which the rest before the upcoming weeks.

The importance of the three Shabbat meals and meal melawe Malka (Seeing the Queen) on Saturday night. Three meals of Shabbat are steps Hochma, Bina and ZA, also called Behina Aleph, Bet and Gimel - in other words, to the light given by the Creator. Meal same melawe Malka (after Saturday) relates to Malhut stage (vessel, Behina Dalet). All corrections are made for the sake of it (vessels of Malchut).


1. The translation of the name Sephiroth conditions and does not carry a special meaning;

2. The right line (Joy), left line (Self-control, critical analysis), which together give it a medium line (real spiritual work that approaches the properties of the Creator).

3. Receive not for himself;

4. Change Intentions (from egoistic to altruistic) still depends on the Creator. But despite this, we must do the work without the calculation of the result. After a bunch of work, the result is broken in the Spirit, so as not to condemn us to eternal greed.