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On the "hurt feelings"

It is said that there was no article in the Criminal Code of the Roman "blasphemy." How true the ancients - the deity itself is able to stand up for themselves and do not need the help of mortals.

So we can say that "insulting religious feelings" - it is in a sense a product of monotheism. And if more precisely - a product curve perception of monotheism.

Let's face it. First of faith is not a feeling, but a state (two of them, "aggregate" of the human condition - faith and knowledge). Hunger, fear, pleasure - a feeling. And faith is not. It "eats" feelings or "poisoned" by them. Man easier to believe in his ideal when he feels well. And vice versa - a feeling of dissatisfaction degree destroys faith.

That is, if there is such a feeling, as faith - that means it is impossible to insult him.

Second - the right to say "insult to the feelings not trust" or "doubters". Really believes in his ideals do not need anyone to prove their correctness. And above all, himself. But if faith is not strong - then come to the aid instruments are self-persuasion, propaganda, propovedvanie, "jealousy" for his faith and so on. Thus the believer and his feelings is impossible to offend.


The question arises - how then our sages interpret the story of the Torah related to Pinchas (have been very zealous for the faith and committed a double murder)? The thing is that the Torah can not be taken literally-literally. And the comments on it - the encoding of varying difficulty. That's all ..