Emptiness and DIVISION

In the religious vocabulary of the Jews, firmly established expression Hilul Hashem, which is usually translated as a desecration of the Name of the Creator and Kiddush Hashem - Sanctification of the Name.

However, as usual, everything is much more complicated. Let's look at these expressions.

1. Hilul Hashem. Hilul - from the word Halal (Void). Hashem - literally means "the Name" - that is, the Creator's name (from the root structure and the four stages of the Behinot). This is the essence of the word has Schmoe (His Name), that gematria (346) equals the Ratzon (desire) *. Indeed the whole of creation is a desire. Thus it Hilul Hashem A blank (Light) Desire. And all unfilled light is Impurity.

2. Kiddush Hashem. On behalf of the request, we've already figured out. Now the word of the Kiddush. It comes from the verb Lekadesh. Often translated as dedicate, but essentially it means Separating **. In other words it Kidush Hashem Branch Wish by correcting them on the total weight of uncorrected desires.


* This is explained in detail in Sefer Baal aSulyamom Akdamot (preface to its main works);

** for example - part of the wedding ceremony is called Kidushin - separation of the future wife of all other women.