(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam. Weekly reading at chapter Ekev)

Word Keter, in Hebrew means Crown. In the language of Kabbalah, Keter styled source of all steps / vessels (on another - Behinat Shoresh, root level). Recall that the levels of all five: Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA, she Tiferet (includes 6 Sefirot), and Malchut, which are abbreviated called KHB TM. At levels of light, Keter corresponds Yechidah level (and the remaining stages are referred Khaya Neschamah Ruach and Nephesch or abbreviated - NRNHY). KH Yechidah, light and higher order vessel, combined represent the highest level of Enhancement - Yechidah.

Gematria of the word KH - 620 (cafes, Tav, Reish), which corresponds to the number of containers "x Mitzvot - 620 commandments, including 613 commandments of the Torah and the commandments of 7 sages It." Building blocks "that make up the structure of the soul.

It is said in the book "When Chacham":. "And that is what is written in the book" Etz Chaim ", that are created worlds with only one purpose - to reveal the creatures Names of the Creator and as down shower and dressed in a material body, it is not can return to his world and merge with their roots, where he stayed until coming into the world. But it needs to increase its level of 620 times compared with what was first the root, which is the secret of all perfection, all NRNHY to Yechidah. therefore it called Keter Yechidah name to indicate the number of tarakh (620). "