Heaven and Earth

It is written in the Torah - "at the beginning the Creator made heaven and earth." Earth - Haaretz Hebrew cognate Ratzon (desire). This desire to receive, which is created as a new, because everything is the Creator (which want to get him?) And from whom he would have received if there is nothing besides Him? Therefore Desire / "Earth" is a vessel, which is called Yesh miAyn (ex-nihile, something out of nothing).

But above the Earth, created the heavens. First - is the reason, and after - a consequence of this cause. Heaven (Schamayim - Sham Mayim (there is water), ie charity) is the Light of the Creator. It exists without beginning and without end, and called Yesh miYesh - something out of something. And light is all the good that He wants to give his creations.

And it is the Creator's desire to delight the created (filled vessels Desire Light) was the reason for the creation of these created. After all, other than to bestow upon those who are not? Therefore it is said in the Torah that the heavens are above the earth are created.


Practice of the foregoing.

Rabbeinu Baal Sulam told a parable about a man who has a claim to the Creator because of the fact that he does not meet his request. It's like, like a man with a small child walking in the street, and the child was crying bitterly, and all the passers-by who looks at his father, thinking, "What a cruel man! It can safely listen to the crying of her child and does not pay attention to it. " It turns out that passers baby crying is a pity, but not the baby's father.

In the end, passers-by could not stand, and asked the child's father, "Where is your compassion?" To which the man replied, "What do I do if my beloved son, asks me the pin to scratch his eye? Is due to the fact that I do not fulfill this request, you can call me cruel? After all, if I took pity on him and give him the pin, he vykolet his eyes and become blind. "

Therefore, we must believe that all that the Creator makes us, it's for our own good, however, we must ask Him to remove those sorrows that come upon us - to everything associated with him, not for the sake of to beg yourself a favor.