The meaning of naming

The sacred texts meet the design, do not conform to the grammar of the Hebrew language. But they perfectly convey the meaning. I call this phenomenon "a semantic grammar."

I want to cite one case in point. Word Neshama (soul) and the word of Hashem (Name). Neshama, the soul is the de facto naming, named. Although the grammar we do not deduce. Who will explain ..

To begin, bring value chain.

1. There (in the plane of knowledge) only what is visible to observers (and therefore the existence of God can not be proved, as well as its absence. It lies in the plane of the Faith, not knowledge. It is said that God can not be seen, because Seeing is Knowing Wise Men on the language) ;

2. There is just something that has independent existence (a form that is different from the other);

3. The fact that there is (has an independent existence), it has a name.

Neshama, the cleanest of the levels Shower in the lower worlds, belongs to the world of Beria (Bina stage, worlds chain). Beria (Creation of the Bar - son generated) is the first of the Worlds, "dropped out" of the divinity Atsilyut and gained their existence. That is, to get the name. So much for the Neshama, named ..


All existence (ie the possession of the name) is possible only if the presence of desire. Ratzon (desire in Hebrew) and Shem (name) have the same gematria - 340.