Hanukkah and Mezuzah

(Based on Articles Rabbani Ashlag)

Talmudic sages said in Tractate Shabbat, the lights of Chanukah should be placed to the left of entering into the house, and Mezuzah affixed to his right. Try to understand what the spiritual sense is the rule.

To begin decipher the concept of Home and incoming House.

- The house is the corrected state, merging with the Creator;

- Incoming House - going by the Torah. Why walking? To home - that is, to correct and merging with the Creator. And our sages said, that man starts to walk, starts to go on the right foot. This means that the spiritual work begins with the right line. It's a joy, it is thanks to the Creator for having honored the man even spiritual drops. Without this spiritual work, like spirituality itself will not have a decisive importance for the person and will elude him.

We now turn to Hanukkah and mezuzah, clarify their meaning in the context of our question.

There are two steps:

- The purpose of creation is that in order to bestow to create. It belongs to the Creator, so perfect and does not require any corrections. And it is the right of Parties *;

- Correction of the Creation, or in other words the change in intentions which receive pleasure. C "for its own sake" to "for the Creator". Any work, any correction is associated with the release of the state of peace and brings with it restrictions, effort and suffering. Therefore, this category of vessel and therefore left line.

Mezuzah - said about it that it keeps the house and its guests. It is certainly not about the material house - because of the structure with a mezuzah, and burn and are destroyed and so on. This stage of Khesed (higher mercy Creator) protecting invariability corrected state. As stated in the treatise Sota does not sin a person unless they possess the spirit of stupidity (ie egoism, selfishness, passion for self-gratification). Mezuza symbolizes unity creator and creation in its revised form, and refers to sefira Khesed which is disposed on the right line Sefiros Tree. Therefore mezuzah attached to the right of the input.

Hanukkah and Purim stems from hOd Sefirot related to the left line.

And Purim is saved from physical destruction of Israel. Therefore, the "celebrations" of Purim is very tangible - a feast, a meal, gifts. Though of course it all financial superstructure on the spiritual roots.

But Chanukah is deliverance from spiritual destruction. From clips Javan (Greece) - that is, the rational, from the path of knowledge above faith. At Chanukah we light the candles, which can not be used for any purpose other than for this "ritual" of ignition.

That is, Hanukkah (as Purim) are corrective and hence to the left line. That put them on the left of the input.


* Actually Perfection is the middle line. So why do we call it here right? The fact that the terms of the Kabbalah ambiguous. In this case, perfection is the right of Parties in relation to the correction of creation.