(Based papers Rabbani Ashlag)

There are two types of self-sacrifice - material and spiritual.

There exalted people, who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the higher purpose - the salvation of others, homeland defense, ideals and so on. But if there was another way to achieve the objective - they would gladly have refused to sacrifice themselves. In other words - the material sacrifice certain defined order. It's like the return for the receipt. And in general it's selfish stage (although this does not detract from the greatness of the feat).

But the spiritual sacrifice itself is the goal. But who donate? His ego, the desire to receive for its own sake. Of course it may seem that you can convince yourself to donate produce, for even greater benefits - because true spiritual pleasure far superior material. But as long as we do not sacrifice our ego, we have no idea about them. Just do not know what it is and therefore can not choose them. That is, in principle, the spirit of self-sacrifice can not be selfish! After all, it sacrificed himself selfishness itself "animal soul".

And what brought? No, not the destruction of the ego and its correction vectors - from "for myself" to "for the Creator".

And if there is an alternative material sacrifice, then sacrifice the spiritual there is no alternative.