Joseph and Benjamin

(Based on the lesson of Rabbi Gottlieb. Chapter vayigash)

Famine reigns in the Land of Israel, so the brothers (the sons of Jacob - Israel) go down to Egypt, where there are food reserves. They have to buy food and bring it home. Food - Desire. Egypt is full of "food" - the selfish desires. Brothers should "buy the food" and move to Eretz Yisrael - the desire to correct and move them to the side of holiness.

But Joseph Benjamin wants to keep - the youngest of the sons of Jacob born to him Rachel. And Joseph and Benjamin are the Sefira Yesod, representing two of the Light that are in it. Yosef - Ohr Yashar, Direct Light coming from the Creator to the creation. Joseph then "Add" - the words of Rachel at the birth of Yosef - "add me to the Most High, and another son." That is Gadlyut, great condition. Benjamin - Ben Yamin, "son of the right (line)" - is the Ohr Hozer (I return light) or light recoil. Joseph and Benjamin - two lines (right and left) that make up the Yesod, Sefira midline. Jacob especially loved the two sons - Jacob (Sefira Tiferet) also applies to the midline. Why Joseph Benjamin is so necessary? There is no disclosure of the Light without a vessel. Ohr Yashar, the Light of the Creator can be revealed only in the Creation of the vessel returns. Therefore, none other of the brothers can not replace Joseph Benjamin.

When brothers Joseph describe their family, the mention of his elderly father Yaakov, Binyamina - old son of his father and brother, who had died (ie most of Joseph, because they do not know that he was alive). Benjamin - "little child of old age," his father, yeled zkunim Katan. Literally - a product of small age. Old age - the Ohr Hochma, the Light of the Goal. Giving, Ohr Hozer - Small State. And "his brother is dead" - Without Joseph, left, light - there is no return. These are additional hints that Joseph and Benjamin are two composes Sefirot Yesod *. Brother allegedly died and Benjamin remained "one of his mother." In this position proyavlyavlyaetsya quality "nukviyut", "female attribute" receipt. But Light Recoil is assimilation of qualities to the Creator - Giver, "male" attribute. Without connections to Yosef's no right intentions Benjamin Vessel. I am the light of Joseph "dead" - Light without ready to receive vessels - is the "thing in itself", which does not manifest itself.

"If you leave (Benjamin) of his father, then he died" - without the right line, crumbling perfection midline.

But if the brothers did not bring Benjamin to Joseph, you will not see more "on his face." That is, without the interaction of the right and left lines, failure to disclose the Face of the Creator.

Let us return to the beginning of the chapter. Why Yehuda goes to Joseph "on the carpet"? There is a halachic rule - "do not divide between the Geula (Osvoboddeniem) and Tefilah (Prayer" In practice, it looks like this: Do not pause between the last words of blessings after the Shema Yisrael ** and the beginning of the Amidah prayer..

Yehuda called Divinity Merkava (Chariot *** divine presence), and Joseph Geula Merkava (Chariot Liberation and the Holy One Blessed Be He). It's a classic scheme LP "H (ZA and Malchut), Divinity and Schachen, etc. -. The light that fills a clean container ready for proper receipt (not for himself).

What does Joseph Judah? "Do not your anger be kindled, because you (he) is the same as that of Pharaoh."

"You yourself" - "kamokha" gematria of 86. This is the same gematria as the Court attribute - name Elo-kim. All taking place in the understanding of Creation - Courts. This manifests itself constantly - until we have corrected and did not reach adhesion with the Creator, we are not happy, because lack of experience. And it is the courts. But why the righteous Joseph likened villain Paro? The attribute of the Court - like Paro lacks (because of selfishness qualities that can not saturate) and Joseph does not form the middle line without Benjamin.

"Do not your anger be kindled." Anger - "Charon af" in Hebrew. Literally, it is "the rage (breaks away) from the nose." In the scheme of the Partzuf Nose (AF) is Behina Gimel (third stage of desire) trying to pull all the Light without having sufficient strength to overcome, not to get it for yourself and do not produce breaking of the vessels. In other words - Judah does not want to happen breaking of the vessels - ie Light was drawn to unprepared Vessel ...

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* Sephira Yesod - channel light to the vessel (the Sefira Malchut). This is possible with vestments Ohr Yashar in Ohr Hozer;

** These words - Goel Yisrael (The release of Israel);

*** Divinity is also a collection of already treated vessels.