(From slave labor "Sha. The book Shamati, article" The Importance of Israel practices ")

Israeli customs of the people * are so important that you can even say that they give a person more spiritual **, than commandments. And this despite the fact that their (customs) violation of (or failure) is not punishable as opposed to violations of the law.

In any case, bringing regards use (i.e., the dread of Heaven), Manners carry more spiritual, because sages, which entered them, established that shines through spiritual practices.

For example, the custom of eating meat and fish on Shabbat. He who abstains from it abstains from *** spirituality.

But this applies to people who have not yet come to wholeness in order to see what he does. This means that while the person is not rewarded (feel) tastes and senses the commandments, he must respect the customs.

(And the results here this parable) before rot, apple spoils. When it spoiled - certainly rot. And as in the parable, and then, if a person wants to throw off the yoke of the commandments, he first casts customs. And then, or he will leave the commandment, or his sons.


* There is no doubt we are talking about the recognized customs of the communities and about the customs of all the people of Israel (Minhagim Klal Yisrael), such as the wearing of the bales and so forth. And of course, do not have in mind "Minhagim shtut" - silly customs, like dressing in the style of "Ima Taliban" povyazyvaniya red thread or zapihivaniya notes in the Wailing Wall. It's all superficial, having no Jewish foundations and spiritual sense.

** from people who believe their teachers, hear this: the root of the custom - Funny and Commandments - Bina. That is the root of custom above. But the more detailed a clarification is not known to me. Although with regards to the commandments is not difficult to understand. Commandments (especially illogical) was purified Aviut (egoism), preventing it from receiving the Light of pleasure Delaney (or of not doing) what he wants. On the contrary of self-abuse, self-overcoming of the performance of the commandments, to create a vessel of Light Commandments. This light return (the Creator). And it is similar to the property of Bina - bestowal of the Light (Ohr Hozer). By the way why it is pointless and even harmful to study Kabbalah, not keeping the commandments. Just get the opposite effect: instead of transforming egoism, increase it. The effect of yeast is no provision in the dough, but thrown into the cesspool.

*** But at the same time you should not be naive to believe that just like that after eating meat and fish on the Sabbath, will attain spirituality.


Original text:

כתבי תלמידי בעל הסולם / הרב ברוך שלום הלוי אשלג / שמעתי / מאמרים ואמרות

חשיבותם של מנהגי ישראל.

מנהגי ישראל הם כל כך חשובים, עד שיכולים לומר שהם נותנים יותר רוחניות להאדם מהמצוות עצמן. אע"פ שאם עוברים על מנהגים אין עליהם עונשים, ואם עוברים על דינים יש עונשים. מכל מקום לגבי להביא תועלת, ז"א להביא יראת שמים, אזי המנהגים מביאים יותר רוחניות, כי הגדולים שהכניסו את המנהגים, הם סדרו שהרוחניות תאיר על ידיהם. לכן אמר: המנהג לאכול בשבת בשר ודגים, מי שמונע את עצמו מזה, מונע מעצמו רוחניות.

אבל זה דוקא לגבי האדם שעדיין לא הגיע לשלמות, היינו לראות מה שהוא עושה, ז"א שעדיין לא זכה לטעמי המצוות, אזי הוא צריך לשמור על המנהגים כדרך משל, תפוח מטרם שנרקב -. נתקלקל, וכשנתקלקל אז הריקבון בטוח כמו כן מטרם שהאדם. נעשה חפשי אזי בועט במנהגים, ולאחר הבעיטה הזאת, או שהוא עצמו נעשה חפשי, או שבניו נעשים חפשיים.