SAVE NOT-series Mamzer

(Based on the book Shamati)

Forbidden communication are forbidden not because of wickedness. In a sense, the opposite: they are able to bring into the world is very high and the very soul bllshoy Light. But all that stuff will be prey Clips (impure skin).

Pay attention to this fact. Many third-party cults and the same pseudo-Kabbalists engage in forbidden kinds of sex. "Correct" of married girls in bed, etc. etc.. Sh.Tsvi Supporters argued that the Messiah (in the person of their leader) has already come, then all fixed and sin itself is not. They also practiced a lot of things in this series ..

When a dilemma who to save - or Mamzer High Priest, the tradition says - Mamzer .. Strange, huh? Now a little bit more in detail tell about it.

The sages say that if Mamzer leads a righteous life, his ability to catch up (catch up and even surpass) a high priest in the spiritual development. This is reflected in many practical aspects and laws. For example, our sages said (treatise Orayot 13a) that if two people are in danger - Mamzer-talmid Chacham (sage of the Torah) and the High Priest am aarets (ignorant), you must first save Mamzer, and only then the high priest.

There is a simple explanation: with the high priest (ie as if the primate of the Jewish people to the Creator), and so in charity T-Spodnja. A Mamzer need special protection. And yet, instead of the merits of the fathers, they have ancestral sin ...

But we have something you are not looking for easy ways. The explanation at least. Soul Mamzer above, though placed in the body of a forbidden way. Therefore, the ability to produce large corrections. So saving it!

But Ashlag Rabbani explanation given in the book Shamati.

1. Bastard (Mamzer) alludes to the "al-charge" (a foreign god). If a person violates the prohibition apply to other forces (ie, by his own selfish desires), are born in it illegitimate (mamzerim) aspirations, appealing to other gods, forces. That is, it is associated with the evil spirit, with his selfishness, wanting to fill their own selfish desires.

2. A "Opinion inhabitants opposite opinion of the Torah." (Babbitt called the person who is under the authority of their narrow-minded, selfish desires). Therefore, there is a contradiction between the townsfolk and the sages. Babbitt said that the parties thought is the result of his sin. Sage is unable to believe that this fall sent him by the Creator. And for the good.

3. Sage (Chacham) is the Creator, and the student (talmid) from the Creator to be like Him, is called a disciple of the sage (talmid-Chacham). It is only wise disciple can say that everything they received, they perceived in the world during his spiritual work comes directly from the Creator. That is, even when there is something that seems to him bad, anyway, and this condition refers to the Creator and understands that it is the Creator makes him the situation, and on his own spiritual benefit *. And he reacts to all this from the standpoint of faith above reason.

A sage-Mamzer is one who is in a state of falling (contact with external thoughts, egoism), he believes that it is the Creator sent him.

4. High Priest (Great Cohen, Cohen aGadol) is the one who works for the Creator and carries so much in the Torah and the commandments, there is no flaw in his work. Therefore, if a person accepts the conditions of spiritual work, the law it is that bastard before the Great Sage Cohen.

Explanation of the author (MG) and this must be explained. I do this in two ways.

- in fact, if we talk about Cohen, as a true servant of the Creator. It is known that prayer is more important than the answer to it. For prayer needs in the Creator and does work. But to get answers to prayer - not why he Creator, because he has already received. Light destroys the vessel, filling it. That is, one who has yet to work is more important than who it has already done;

- if Cohen called the one who is righteous in action, and he sees this and does not need (not want) to work on the intention of correcting. Then the more "sage Mamzer" above it, after all understand the need for corrections and wants to do this job.


* This refers to the spiritual good, that is a correction. And in the material that can not bring anything, and even on the contrary - to cause damage.