There can not be a person at the same time good and bad. But these feelings can be replaced ...

Who is considered average, in terms of a simple sense? One who is equally good and bad deeds. But this is only the external sense ..

In fact, the secondary level is very high. I am the one who was able to escape from the wheel of alternating * Hiding and understood the reward and punishment management (kc jja r veOnesh). This so-called "Incomplete righteous", awarded with the commandments of the dread of Heaven.

But what kind of reward and punishment he understands? No, not those who are perceived to be from the standpoint of the layman (man in the street is good that flatters his ego, and the bad thing that prevents it).

This refers to a high spiritual meaning: The award is approaching the properties of the Creator ** Penalty - Seclusion.

Above average only a complete righteous who sees all good and no punishment at all ***, and the case of remote - it's just a way eyeliner **** us to the goal.


* There are two kinds of concealment. First - Esther Ragil (simple or single). In it, the person continues to believe that everything is for the good, even though his eyes and senses tell him the opposite. Second - Esther Kaful (double concealment) when under the weight of suffering, people said that there was no judgment and no judge. These states alternate, turning human in a Ferris wheel. And this control through the "angels Ofanim". Ofanim in Hebrew - rotating wheels. And there's no chance to get out of their own, but only the Creator can bring out when people will understand from what his troubles and fill the cup to this aspiration;

** The property of bestowal, wants to carry good. And the distance - an increase in the desire to receive Me;

*** For nothing to punish the creation, if all does the Creator;

**** There is no violence in the spiritual, so there should be a desire in us to the Creator. For that, we try to give spiritual and then deny. After all, who wants to eat? Anyone who is hungry. The farther the distance, the stronger the desire to return.