Judgment Day TREES

(Soon for the upcoming holiday of Tu Bishvat, the New Year of Trees. Based on the letters of Baal aSulyama to his disciples)

Why Tu Bishvat (the 15th of Shvat) is called Rosh Hashanah leIlanot - Beginning of the Indiction (fruit) trees?

There is a "simple" (at first glance) stories - allegedly rebelled trees that all have got Rosh Hashanah (the kings, age, animals), and they do not. And then the Creator gave them the Tu Bishvat ...

What is Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah? This is the time of the Court. And by and large (spiritual) account each judge himself - the judge himself, the prosecutor and the defender himself, himself executioner. What do we have? Judgment Day over the trees?

On the similarity of the fruit of the tree the man we saw in the previous story. Tu Bishvat is the time at the end of winter, when it is behind the long dark nights. I engaged in these people the Torah or empty things? Can do "Heshbon Nefesh" Tu Bishvat. Analyze which way he wants to keep going.

It's been most rainy days of the season. Rains - Gshamim that is consonant Gashmiim - "material". What is the human desire? Tangible or ..? That is the basis of "Court" the day of Tu Bishvat.


(Translator's note - MG)

In the year there are four new year:

- at the beginning of the month of Tishri. This New Year's Eve for the number of years;

- at the beginning of the month of Nisan, aka Aviv. This New Year of Kings (radix-year rule of the kings);

- at the beginning of the month of Elul. This New Year animals (izchisleniya their age);

- and finally Tu biAv new year of fruit trees. The Halacha him tied many different establishments, but this is not the topic of this article.

We have already mention anything that Rosh Hashanah is the Court. It is no accident there is four new year - according to the four letters of the name and the four Behinot, steps that are present in all. And above all, in our desires. So it is reasonable to believe that the four ships have a hint of analysis at all levels.


Another of the previous material.

Why does a person falls and indulges in all serious? Let's say he was what the developments and progress in the spiritual. And as we know (as taught by the sages -. Approx MG), spiritual pleasure is much stronger material. But there is a law of Tzimtzum (Abbreviations desire to receive), from which comes Hiding Light and the Court of the measure.

Measure Court intervenes and the man no longer feels the vitality and enjoyment of the spiritual. Therefore it begins to look for them in the material and not finding (since it is impossible to satisfy the desire to receive for himself) goes farther and farther, sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness of selfishness and materiality. As this descent, he goes through various stages. At first, he still retained memories of spiritual light, and it suffers from its remoteness from light. Then forget it, suffering from an unfilled desires and at least some of the effort that has to make in vain in search of satisfying the ego. It happens that has achieved a lot, gained wealth and status, but suffers from the fear of losing it all, etc ..

But when there is a "full immersion" into the darkness, so much so that any longer, it becomes repulsive selfishness and reception. Then it begins a return, because any disgust, hatred, any means the separation of properties and qualities of the object of hostility. Therefore it is said: hate evil, love the Creator - that is, We do not need another Tikkun, disgusted enough to materiality and selfishness (which is essentially the same thing). And it is the basis of proximity to the Creator.

And if they say to you about "unfounded hatred," then you know that you should not read Sin'at hinam and Sin'a leAvodat Hashem Baie hinam. Not "causeless hatred" (for we all have reason to hate - the difference between the properties object of hatred), and hostility to the Work (the Creator) without self-interest. She then destroys the spiritual level, called the Temple.

And should understand about Avodat Hashem. This is the work of the Creator, which is often called the Service to the Creator or working on the Creator. But he is self-sufficient and in no need, especially from us. Therefore, the ministry of the Creator - the closer to Him in properties (property of bestowal), serving as He "is" to give the light of creation.