BONE Yosef

(Internal sense of Chapter Beshalach. Based on Rabbi Gottlieb lessons)

Starting from Mizraim impossible without the exercise of faith above reason. Signs and wonders of the Ten Plagues - obvious manifestation of a Higher Power, given knowledge of it. But Exodus finally consummated only when an act of faith - during dissection * Red Sea. The output of each person from his personal Mitzraim (Egypt Hebrew, and literally means Misraim two gorges) is output from the state of self, ego. This condition, which is characterized by betting on an external reason and logic. It really contains two "gorge": suffering from an unfilled desires and suffering from the exit of the rest, in an attempt to satisfy the desire. That is, it is impossible to come out of self-love without faith, relying solely on knowledge. Prior to the "Sea dissection" ivrim reach their Sukkot (from "skhah" - coating of the hut Sukkah, which alludes to the faith), then this (an allusion to Tmimut (purity - as a consequence of faith), that "at the edge of the desert" On the Meaning of "desert. "we'll talk later.

The Torah says that ivrim came armed. Mehumashim Hebrew. The word comes from Hamesh (five), which alludes to the five steps that are necessary to rise, which would come out of the slavery of selfishness.

Moshe makes the bones of Yosef. Without them it is impossible not to get out of Egypt, not enter the Land of Israel. In the human body there are five parts of the brain, bones, sinews, flesh, skin. At the level of the Partzufim, they are projected on all the same five stages - Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA and Malchut. Funny Bones is, light of the objective. Yosef same sephira Jesod which transmits light Goals Malhut. This connection is the purpose of (light-filled vessel or the Land of Israel - "the country of Israel," in the language of Kabbalah means "desire straight to the Creator").

Reed sea - Yam Suf in Hebrew. The sea is identified with the light of the objective, Suf - written as Sof (end). In order not to fall into the clip Misraim (preparation for oneself), obtaining the limit laid Light Targets (tzimtzum). Get as much as possible to obtain sustenance and vitality ** - it is not considered to be "for oneself" ***. Not coincidentally, the next step in "traveling" ivrim in the Land of Israel is desert - "a dry place without water", the state in which there is no light and one can only believe.

Ahead ivrim should be a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night. There are two conditions.

1. Day - disclosure of Lika. But the clouds hide the sun! The pillar of cloud during the day - this is the way of the Faith above reason, which leads to the goal.

2. Night - concealment of the Face. Through it is fire of love for the Creator, the desire to fire him. And fire is a symbol of suffering. The meaning here is that the Creator leads us to the goal, either by faith or by suffering. The main thing - all lead to the goal!

And sang ivrim, The thatched gone over the sea, pesto praise to the Creator! Surely there is a reason for joy, because the Creator loves all his creatures and lead them to the goal.


* There is a whole range of the perception of this and other miracles described in the Torah. There are those who regard literally, there are those who think that all this is an allegory. The Torah is not a history book or archeology. Important message across, of which it is, and not what the physical embodiment had her subjects.

** When learn not to get to yourself, give more light and so on.

*** Look theme analysis "required and excess." We have been through it many times.

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