For a blessing?

When they say that "everything is for the good of all to the good" (Akol le tova), it is understood that everything that happens around us and directed our correction. And there is no word about the material blagopoluchii.Materialnoe same welfare does not depend on keeping the commandments and Torah study. The converse also say to those who are on the steps of "child slave woman" in order to motivate them to move. After all, no motivation and not lift a finger. (Almost all of my friends, colleagues in the school, lost in the material. Some business and living, some health, some family. I myself, drank a lot of the bitter cup, It has been very difficult stages, so that the enemy does not want is important to understand that this does not happen because we have been taught certain things it happens because it is part of our correction If this would have wealth and success -... would have given them. but if you need a whip for Tikkun - sure to be a whip)

What is the fundamental difference between the spiritual practice of Torah teaching material?

In the material go step by step, moving forward on a given route, from simple to complex and so forth.

In the Torah, starting to study it properly, you get a kick "back." You begin to see how you are imperfect and even bad. This is called Aracati Ra (awareness of your evil - that is, self-centeredness), which gives an incredible bitterness that causes an irresistible urge to reform in turn. After all, there is no light without a vessel. No filling without the desire to be filled.

And if such a desire is not awakened, then this teaching is fictitious. And instead give "pain pathway." As it is written - "a husband who does not want to divorce his wife, beaten by court order as long as it says, I want to divorce her." On the inside of the Torah language this means the following: Creator whip flogs us as long as we do not want to divorce her selfishness! Only complete, absolute desire to fix, generally considered to be a desire to improve. And if there is a mixture of desire samonaslazhdatsya or "longing" of this world - the knock of us is. After all imperfect, leaky vessel that can hold light.

Therefore, it does not insure and from worldly bitterness of Torah study and observance of the commandments.