Patience and hard work ...

(From the book by Baal aSulyama When Chacham (Fruit of the Wise), pp. 212-213)

It said in Bereshit Rabbah - "no (serious) work and diligence Creator created their own world .. except to recover from the villains who are losing the world created by all the hard work and effort."

And there seems to be no difficulty, because the first refers to the Creator (to create a world of no work and no effort), and then on the creations, full of suffering, hard work and great effort.

But that is really difficult (to understand), it's the sense of punishment "lost world created by all the work and effort." After all, it does not look like a punishment! Now, if the lost world created pleasure, peace and joy ... then indeed it would be a great punishment! And also you need to understand the theme of "the body of punishment", which is not so relevant. First sort out the Legend of the sages (Sanhedrin 99) - "every man is created to work, misery and suffering." And it is not clear exactly what it is said - of the writings in the Torah or the writings in conversations (as it is written, "The Torah will not leave this to your mouth"). But happy are those whose suffering comes because of the Torah.

Clarification. Each person put a reward as the suffering experienced by them in life. And there is no one who can escape suffering. But in the hands of man (conditional) selection * - whether to engage in Torah and Mitzvot (and then put him suffering come because of the Torah), or not do, and then the same will be suffering because of empty things. And if the suffering of the Torah, and the reward for them very much.


* Selection from positions created, but from the perspective of the Creator everything is predetermined

**. And combine this understanding, can only last complete correction.

** But why one such road is determined, and to each other? On this question there is no answer, for he is "above the Creation" and our minds are not able to understand it. Therefore, do not ask such questions - after all no matter what we have assumed, this is only "finger pointing to the sky."