Brick word and the word white, have a translation into Hebrew - Laban. The same writing, the same pronunciation. But what is the connection between the bricks and the whites?

This connection has an explanation in the language of spiritual work and runs through Egypt ...

Egyptians built of bricks. And the Jews made these bricks delat.Na language of Kabbalah, the Egyptians it selfish desires. Here we recall the saying of Rabbi Shimon Zohar - best of Egyptian life of me, the most beautiful of snakes, break down. No, it's not about the genocide at all ..

Modus operandi "Egyptian" (even if he is Jewish) that would scrupulously observe the Torah, but to do it to yourself! This "Egyptian" pleased with himself, because his ego agrees to the implementation of the Torah in the hope of a great reward! And not just agree, but also helps. More Shirshov, Khumri - you are holy, you'll be a great Rabbi and vedesh live in paradise! The man all in white! He is well, he is in joy ...

But this joy is not the right line, which is the foundation of the spiritual essence of the work! The right line there, because there is no left (self-analysis, the bitterness of knowing own nesovershestva). If there is no left, the relative will appear right? And if so, then the desired average line not to be seen and even more so. The path of the "Egyptian" - development of the breadth, but not upwards. And it is not closer to the Creator.

Egyptians first gave ivrim finished bricks - that is selfish desires and pseudo-joy is not allowed to manifest the left line.

Only when there is a "straw" (Kash in Hebrew, which hints at the word Kas - Hard, Hard) and Egyptians "forced Jews" even to harvest the straw for the bricks, then there is a basis for the exodus from Egypt.

Jews cried out from the hard work. This means that the steel work spiritually, not for himself. And of course the ego chinilo all sorts of obstacles, made difficulties. Brought the bitterness of knowing imperfections. But it is true signs of the beginning of a rapprochement with the Creator. A lack of difficulties - not a good sign, saying that the ego is not opposed to the ongoing work of man. Why do not mind? Because man sweetens it.