(Serving the Creator Baal aSulyama expensive. Based on the book Shamati)

"The thoughts are not your thoughts my ..." - so said in the name of the Creator, in the book of the prophet Yeshayahu (chapter 55, verse 8) .Obyasnyaet Baal Azul.

From this you can see that (if) the person works through the eyes and heart * so that all his thoughts (in his perception) are the thoughts of the Creator, blessed be He ... and looks at all your thoughts good eye, so that it ends even better and nicer than he thought. And always, when the action is done, it is finished much more pleasant and excellent than he (the man) understands this (how well it all ended).


A person should not believe that the thoughts that he has - it's the thought of the Creator and the Creator, they came to him. Their actions will be perfect ** in man much more than they attributed them to himself.


* Works through the eyes and heart - znachet goes way beyond the comprehension of the Faith. Of the heart is called Faith. And she prevailed over the fact that our eyes see. That is despite the fact that the world seems to us cruel, unjust and imperfect, still believe that the Creator does everything solely for our benefit - for our correction (albeit painful).

** but is always perfect results of our thoughts? If we have them (ideas) refers to itself (think of their own), it is not always so. But if we take into account that this idea of the Perfect Creator, we realize that the results are perfect! After all, everything that happens - leads to the final total correction (Tikkun Gmar), even if on a private level, temporarily throws us back. Just everything that we believe villainous, low-lying, crime - it is nothing more than the creation of volume of remedial work.