dissection of Desire

(Based on the lessons of Rabbi Gottlieb)

The seventh day of Passover (which has the status of a holiday - Yom Tov), is associated with dissection of the Red Sea during the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. As we know from the Torah, Jews have been on dry land, and the Egyptians pursued them drowned in the waters of the sea Having closed.

What does this story mean in the language of the Inner Torah? He is very versatile and carries a lot of meanings. Today we will talk about another odnom.Vnachale terminologiya.Egipet and Egyptians - the egoistic desires. Israel (Yashar Lehel - Right to God or corrected desires). Sea reed - yam Suf can be read as yam (bli) Sof - Infinite Sea Sea End or vice versa. Sea water hints at pleasure (Light). The desire for the infinite pleasure means the end of life life - spirituality. Finally Land - an allusion to the refusal of unlimited reception for oneself. We get a "plot": egoistic desires pursue sprouts altruism, trying to suppress them, do not let go of "the Egyptian" - out of his power. Aspiring to the Creator, make Tzimtzum - receive only limited to what is necessary to sustain life. That is, "dissect" getting pleasure and "pass on dry land," leaving the power of selfishness. A selfish desire to drown in a sea of unlimited fun ...

And this is clearly seen even in the material world. Gluttons become stomach ulcers, cirrhosis and pyanitsy degradation libertines - sexually transmitted diseases, etc. etc..