(Refined and updated version)

The bed is a place of Zivug (mating), conceiving a new life. In other words - the area where the commands "Increase and multiply".

In Hebrew is called Bed Mita. Spelling: Mem, Yod, tete, hey. We divide the word into two parts:

1. Panim. Kotso shel Yod, Yod, Hey - the first part of the unspeakable name, or three highest Sephiroth - Keter, HB;

2. Achoraim. Meme, tet - gematria of 49. This is a 7 * 7 For "T - seven lower Sephiroth.

Translates it into the language of spiritual work, we get that the bed / Mita - perfect and whole state, where have all the 10 Sefirot. It is also referred to Gadlyut (large or adult). Only Gadlyut possible conception / Ibur, which involves men and women. And in the Small State (Katnut) how you will conceive? It is written, "Katin Eino Molid" - no small rozhaet.I there's still some time. Copulation-Zivug is usually carried out at night. But night is a small state in which there is no light. It also Tzimtzum - reducing preparation. And Night - is Galut (Exile in the spiritual sense, when altrusticheskie human motives, called Yisrael, are under the power of his own selfishness, called the nations of the world). So how does this dock with the above?

Here it is necessary to distinguish between the preparation vessel (suitable for light) and the filling of a vessel of light.

(The Book of Zohar (the head of the tazria) referred to as "Song of Songs" asks "of my bed": Rabbi Eliezer said: "The people of Israel, saying to the Creator of the Diaspora, as it is among the nations, lies in another country, defiled, so he asks for a bed at night is called Galut his.. "Therefore, ask the love of his soul to get her out of there).

So, spiritual work (training vessel, its purification from egoism) begins the night - at the moment of complete frustration in selfishness, in a moment of complete aversion to it, called Aracati Ra - Realization of Evil (carried by selfishness). This "point" in which the very "dark".

But the "Conception of the Soul", the beginning of the development point in the heart (a prototype of the Soul) is already partially filled with light (Ibur - embryo) and in no way is the "night".


Curiously, even materially, from the act of love before conception can take place before the 12 o'clock ...