JOY clean and unclean

Mitzvah gdola lihyot BE-simcha - the great commandment to be in joy. So says one of the major principles of Judaism. If a person is good - it means he's liking what sends him the Creator and therefore it seems to justify it in their eyes. Justify - Leatsdik Hebrew. Hence it is called righteous tzaddik.

However, not all so simple with joy. After all, say, a drug addict and took him well and joyfully. But what does this have to do spiritual work?

From here come three kinds of happiness. Impure, Pure and in a mixture with pure impure. Let us examine them in detail.

1. Unclean, animal pleasure - when a person enjoys his ego for the sake of pleasure. And this joy has no touch to the spiritual. After all, in addition to "approval" Affairs of the Creator, you also need to catch up with him on the properties.

2 and 3. The pure and mixed types of joy can be described by the following differences:

- there is a big difference between "I feel good, so I'll make a holiday 'and' I will build a holiday, make me feel good." It's like the difference between "you feel good on the Sabbath, and you drink and eat, in order to bless the Lord" and "drink and eat on the Sabbath, so that you become good."

First - this is corrected joy, mixed with the pleasure return. The second - a very dangerous disguised holiness Klipa (impure shell of the desire to receive). And no matter how many bales on you, on what you pray the graves of the righteous - mixed joy is still unclean.

Not for nothing is very moderate in the Torah describing commanded by the holidays. It refers to the feast of Yom Tov (Good Fit for spiritual work day -. There is a "lifting of the Worlds" in the holidays, their approach to the state of correction, referred to as Atsilyut And who knows, it may use the "spiritual elevator" for the convergence of qualities with the Creator). And the Torah calls the holiday - Moed (Collection). And always say "that's my holidays" or "feast of the Lord" or "afflict the soul and the everyday work do not do" - that is, all hints at a return. But that does not say "get yourself the pleasure of the holidays."