(Based on the lesson of Rabbi Gottlieb on Sidra Naso)

Tribe of Levi (Levites) Binah are the people of Israel. They help Cohen (Sefira Hochma) in the temple service, just as sfira- "altruistka" Bean interacts with Hochma, bearing Light purpose of creation. This light can be safely transferred to a lower (ZA / soul of Israel and Malchut / soul Gere) only in the garb of Light returns. As stated (in Bamidbar 8: 19-20) - "And I gave the Levites to Aaron and his sons from among these the sons of Israel, to perform the service of the sons of Israzlya the tent of meeting, and to atone for the sons of Israel will not have any of the children of Israel desolation of the proximity of the children. Israel to the Shrine. "

Chapter Naso (as well as a number of other chapters) tells about the structure and functions of the tribe of Levi. In our conversation, we touch on two aspects of this issue.

1. The Levites are suitable for the Temple service at age 30 to 50 years. 30 is 3 × 10, that is, the full comprehension of the three upper Sefirot (this does not mean that every 30-year-old understands them. Just the Torah says the code). 50 - Hamish Shaare Bina Bina 50 Gate - should be understood in two ways: as a Bean Understanding (Abana) and Binah as the light source Recoil (aka Light of Mercy and Corrections). Furthermore, the number 50 is 49 + 1, where 49 is the lower Sefirot 7 Small Standing (Katnut), 7-Sefirot under each, and 1 - it is output to a higher level - in Gadlyut. And it is the eighth Sefira Bina.

2. Three families of the tribe of Levi - Gershuni, Mrari and keatite. This is an indication of the three lines in the spiritual work.

Gershuni - left line. The name alludes to Gerushin - divorce, otoslanie. This is a condition in which a person feels as if abandoned by Gd, unworthy to obey his commandments and serve him.

Mrari - from the word Mar, bitterness. Man ispytavala bitterness of the above situation, and it is his desire to appease the bitterness, returning to the Creator. This right line.

Keatite - Average line. The resultant was collected and uplifting to the Creator all previous states.

(To be honest I do not know why Rabbi Gottlieb relates the word keatite with collecting and elevation).


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